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Just putting that here...
wyatt revenge

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That? Is an utter DELIGHT!!!!

Where is it from?

I have no idea, I just found it on Tumblr. Looks old too, how did it escape everyone?

THANK YOU!! I've been staring at this for the last 20 minutes over on tumblr. What is this glorious vision before us?!?!

There is a video with French (I believe) voice-over. It's only about 20 seconds long, at most. But other than that, no idea what it's from.


ETA that apparently it's Spanish or Italian maybe. Yeah, I'm an American. At least I got the romance-language part right :/

Edited at 2012-01-28 10:06 pm (UTC)

No, you were right the first time, it's French. It's a show about secrets, behind the scenes and this kind of stuff about the stars, I think (never watched it). This one is about the real personality of the sex-symbols in the US shows. The title is preceded by unfaithful husband and skirt-chaser, so Michael was probably a part of an ensemble. I wouldn't be surprised if the husband is David Boreanaz.

The voice-over says Michael Weatherly is like his character, a natural seducer and joker, a journalist explains that when you started an interview with Michael, you never know when it'll end, and then it's cut there.

Ahh, thank you :) Get to tell Mom I was right. And she's the one that has a degree in French! Not like she remembers much.

And thank you for the rough translation :)

David cracking up in the background is too cute!

Magnificent - thank you!

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