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Sean Murray's interview, télé start, 6/01
sm&mw tvguide by alyssinymind
Hey, look, an interview of Sean!

The article:

The translation:

Sean Murray, the agent too discreet of NCIS.

Specialist of computer, McGee is the most transparent of the NCIS agents. Too much? His interpret, Sean Murray, 34, defend his character and reveal his quotidian in Hollywood.

TS: You changed a lot since your first apparition in 2003 in NCIS. And therefore, McGee, your character, changed too.

Sean: It's true. I saw the first season recently and when I saw me, I exclaimed "but who is this guy?" I didn't recognize myself! I didn't just change physically (he lost 15 kg) but my character has a different attitude.

TS: Meaning?

Sean: The only thing I ask to the writers is to evolve my role to avoid the routine. It's necessary to push a bit sometimes, but I must admit that until now, I had a lot of luck, McGee is a different man today.

TS: He seems more in the background than the other heroes of the show…

Sean: In the beginning, he mumbled. He couldn't manage to express himself clearly and he couldn't do anything else than read what was written on the computer. Today, McGee finally knows how to manage an interrogatory, and it's thanks to Gibbs who believed in him.

TS: Could McGee be your friend?

Sean: Completely, because deep down, he can be frank without being aggressive. Like him, I'm rather discreet. Most of my friends are also quite reserved. (Note from me: Michael must have been quite the change.)

TS: And like him, do you like the gadgets high-tech?

Sean: When I was younger, I loved that. I was really good with computers. But now, I can't follow the technology. I have one computer, like everybody.

TS: What do you do to relax when you don't shoot?

Sean: I often go back home between two scenes because I live close by. I have two kids. Caitlin, my daughter, is 4 years old and half, and River, my son, is 1 and half. This one tries my patience all the time. (He laughs). I'm lucky, my wife Carrie is a teacher and an educator, and she manages perfectly the situation.

On the photos:
The big one: His baby face et his self-effacing character, it was a few years ago…

The one with Abby: Today, he's Abby's equal…

The one with Gibbs and Tony: … and a valuable teammate.

The little blurb: NCIS, a family story.

Had some strings pull for, Murray? Maybe you didn't know that, but the actor is the step-son of the creator of NCIS, Donald Bellisario. His mother, the fourth wife of Bellisario, even appeared in an episode of the season 1 (The red-haired woman without name Gibbs dated.). His younger brother, Chad W. Murray is one of the producers of NCIS. The role of McGee's sister, Sarah, is played by Sean's step-sister.

They forgot Chip, Abby's assistant who framed up Tony, also a Bellisario.

And with that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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Thank you for sharing that!

Always nice to get interviews and articles. I never pay much attention so I always miss such stuff. ^^

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